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Boeuf River Steamboat Days

Boeuf River steamboat days were happy days. I can tell by the twinkle in Doctor Jordan’s eye as he relates about the Era 10, the steamboat with the most beautiful whistle he’d ever heard. Some weeks he said, as many as three steamboats came up Boeuf River. Besides the Era 10, there was the Tom Parker, the Saline and the Stella Black.

Pickin’ and Ginnin’ in Richland Parish and A Short History on the Subject

Back in August of 1991, many Richland Parish residents will remember the excitement and buzz about the first annual “Pickin’ and Ginnin’ Festival.” The festival always drew large crowds, but after a while, the work involved to pull off a successful festival became too great, and the festival eventually ended. Jennie Joe Siscoe, who often wrote several great historical columns for the Beacon, penned this history about growing cotton in Richland Parish.

Andrew J Clack (1847-1892)

A J Clack lived around the Mann community, and was married to Emma Ivy McKay. Andrew J. Clack was the grandson of Thompson T. Clack, who moved to the Prarie Jefferson in the 1810’s or earlier. Andrew J Clack is the nephew of Andrew Benjamin Clack, b 1815, who did the most extensive first surveys of Richland, Morehouse, and surrounding parishes.