The Hon. John Ray, James Ray, Henry Bry, and Other Early Distinguished Settlers in Northeast Louisiana

The article below was printed originally in The Ouachita Telegraph on August 25, 1888. It details how this early settler in Northeast Louisiana came in contact with Davy Crockett in Little Rock while traveling south to Monroe; met Jim Bowie in Monroe, and helped connect Bowie to Crockett in his company heading west to the … Continue reading The Hon. John Ray, James Ray, Henry Bry, and Other Early Distinguished Settlers in Northeast Louisiana

Col. S. W. Hill – An Irish Confederate engineer, lain to rest in Richland.

Col. S.W. Hill, the oldest and one of the most respected citizens of Ouachita Parish, died at his home on South Grand Street, near the parish High School shortly before 2 o'clock this afternoon. He was 91 years old.

The Baron de Bastrop

In a great article a few years ago in the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Wes Helbling wrote a great article commemorating the 250th anniversary of The Baron de Bastrop's birthday. Much can be said about this mysterious land shark today, and the impact he had on how current land use has developed from generation to generation can often be dated … Continue reading The Baron de Bastrop

How Richland Parish’s GIRARD Got It’s Name

Girard (Richland) - Girard is on the west bank of the Boeuf River, where it is crossed by Highway 80 and the Illinois Central Railroad. Girard has the distinction of being the oldest settlement in the parish. Henry Bry, a land agent for Stephen Girard, an American financier from Philadelphia, established it in 1821. Girard … Continue reading How Richland Parish’s GIRARD Got It’s Name

Richland Parish Postmasters

ALTOMrs. Belle HicksARCHIBALDMr. Leonard B. ArchibaldMr. Leonard B. Archibald, Jr.DELHIMrs. Ethel MontgomeryMr. Joseph StegallMr. Willie Arthur DearmanMr. Eugene KonterzkyMr. Willie Arthur DearmanMrs. Mamie W. B. HigginbothamMr. Earl AllenDUNNMiss Amanda FullerMr. Harry HobenMs. Ruth Hoben McKibbensMiss Myrtle CoatsMr. Binford L. DearGIRARDMr. Robbie BinionMr. Edward L. McConnellMrs. Rilla O. GuynesMrs. Rilla G. DeFoorMrs. Melrie Fike ClementHOLLY RIDGEMr. … Continue reading Richland Parish Postmasters

Old Mount Zion Cemetery

Recently, while driving a long the banks of Boeuf River over the Christmas holidays, I spotted a cemtery, and as I went to look it up online, I could find little, to nothing about it. So of course, I had to pull over and investigate further.Cemetery notes and/or description: This appears to be an African-American … Continue reading Old Mount Zion Cemetery

Man Arrested For Attempting to Wreck Mail Train Near Girard, May 12, 1887

I came across this newsclip recently, and thought it was interesting. There are two separate articles in this 1887 Ouachita Telegraph, from May 21st. Here is the second clip. As the article notes, this incident occurred approximately two miles to the west of Girard. This is known today as the present day community of Start.May … Continue reading Man Arrested For Attempting to Wreck Mail Train Near Girard, May 12, 1887

Richland Parish History from a 1945 Tour Guide

Here are some great extracts on Richland Parish, which I came across in a 1945 Tour Guide called, "Louisiana: A Guide to the State."Published in 1947 as part of the Federal Writer’s Program, Louisiana: A Guide to the Stateis a travel guide from the past.

Richland Resident Insults Oak Ridge Native in 1881

Richland Resident Insults Oak Ridge NativeI recently came across this while looking at old clips of the Ouachita Telegraph from 1881 and thought I'd post a copy of it.  Below the original page is a zoomed, clipped copy of the article.Funny Clipping from the 1881 Ouachita TelegraphFull Page of the February 4, 1881 Ouachita Telegraph

Double Taxation!

Before Richland Parish existed, the surrounding parishes made up the area we know today as Richland.  The areas known today as Start, Crew Lake, Wynn Island, and parts of Girard, were formerly located in Morehouse Parish. While recently pouring over some old Supreme Court cases in Louisiana, I ran across this interesting case. Even though … Continue reading Double Taxation!

1821 – Indians, Trappers, & Some Cotton

If one were to wonder what Richland Parish was like when its roots began to take shape, a good place to start might be 1821.  Only forty-five years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, James Monroe has just been sworn in for his second term as President of the United States.  Louisiana had … Continue reading 1821 – Indians, Trappers, & Some Cotton

Ouachita Parish History Tidbits

Information on Ouachita parish history and genealogy resources.

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