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Early school experiences remembered: Mrs. Mae McIntyre, of Snake Ridge, ca. 1986 – Foreward by Evelyn Cochran

This story by Mrs. May Mclntyre is told with love and feeling and understanding of her rides to school in a “school bus” of the times, the early 1920s. Getting to school was not easy as you can tell by this delightful story. “Out in the rural” where most of Richland’s citizens lived and worked there were few roads and these were mud-rutted trials. If to school you went, you walked.

Andrew J Clack (1847-1892)

A J Clack lived around the Mann community, and was married to Emma Ivy McKay. Andrew J. Clack was the grandson of Thompson T. Clack, who moved to the Prarie Jefferson in the 1810’s or earlier. Andrew J Clack is the nephew of Andrew Benjamin Clack, b 1815, who did the most extensive first surveys of Richland, Morehouse, and surrounding parishes.