Confederate Veterans Buried In Richland Parish

This list is a compilation of several lists. It is without question an incomplete list. If you know of additional confederate burials in Richland Parish, please email info@richlandroots.comJames Barnett Archibald; (1828-1892.) Buried in Little Creek Methodist Church CemeteryJosiah Burton Archibald; (May 9, 1824-Aug 16, 1892.) Buried in Lynn Cemetery - 0.5 miles west in ArchibaldWilliam … Continue reading Confederate Veterans Buried In Richland Parish

The Crew Lake Horror

This is a great story written by a local historian, Lora Peppers, about a convict camp that was once located in Crew Lake. It ran in Louisiana Road Trips and was titled the Crew Lake Horror. Thanks Lora! By Lora Peppers Back in November, a friend named Marlon Eby posted on my Facebook page an … Continue reading The Crew Lake Horror

Prison Camps in Crew Lake?

A local researcher and historian recently pointed out to me that he had come across several interesting articles that indicated that, during the late 1800's, a prison camp was located in the area of Crew Lake, in Richland Parish. After quizzing several locals, none of us knew much about the history of this.  Will be … Continue reading Prison Camps in Crew Lake?

The Wynn Island Plantation, The First 150 Years

*Blogger's note - I recently came across an old printed copy of this story, and decided to transcribe it for interested readers.  Note that it was written in 1982.The Wynn Island Plantation, The First 150 Years, 1832-1982by Billy Bob WynnSPECIAL THANKS TO Mrs. Glyn Briley WInk, for her help in preparing this book.About the Author, ca … Continue reading The Wynn Island Plantation, The First 150 Years

Old Mount Zion Cemetery

Recently, while driving a long the banks of Boeuf River over the Christmas holidays, I spotted a cemtery, and as I went to look it up online, I could find little, to nothing about it. So of course, I had to pull over and investigate further.Cemetery notes and/or description: This appears to be an African-American … Continue reading Old Mount Zion Cemetery

Wynn Island Cemetery

Today I took this picture of Wynn Island Cemetery, located Northwest of Start, just west of Crew Lake. It is located in a cotton field, in what was once the Wynn Island Plantation. It is most likely the oldest cemetery in this part of the Parish, and is still really well maintained.- Posted using BlogPress … Continue reading Wynn Island Cemetery

Ouachita Parish History Tidbits

Information on Ouachita parish history and genealogy resources.

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