RICHLAND PARISH’S SCHOOLS & TEACHERS IN 1925. Schools in Nearby Parish Open Monday for Full Sessions. Special to the News-Star. RAYVILLE, Sept. 9, 1925 - The Schools of Richland parish will begin the 1925-1926 term next Monday morning, Sept. 14th, and the following is a list of teachers who will guide the destinies of the pupils during the … Continue reading RICHLAND PARISH’S SCHOOLS & TEACHERS IN 1925

“Hattie Jane” Boies – Born Feb 2, 1874

On February 2, 1874, Harriet Jane "Hattie Jane" Boies, was born to the parents of E.A. Boies, Sr. and Sarah E. Prewitt Boies. She was a direct descendent of a Revolutionay War patriot, and the daughter of a decorated confederate soldier. Her life was cut short due to contracting "dengue fever" at the age of … Continue reading “Hattie Jane” Boies – Born Feb 2, 1874

History of Providence Baptist Church of Alto

There is an old jingle that goes like this, “Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again, just for tonight.” May we paraphrase this by saying, Backward, turn backward, O time, just for today, Give us a view of Providence Church along history’s highway.

Richland Parish Postmasters

ALTOMrs. Belle HicksARCHIBALDMr. Leonard B. ArchibaldMr. Leonard B. Archibald, Jr.DELHIMrs. Ethel MontgomeryMr. Joseph StegallMr. Willie Arthur DearmanMr. Eugene KonterzkyMr. Willie Arthur DearmanMrs. Mamie W. B. HigginbothamMr. Earl AllenDUNNMiss Amanda FullerMr. Harry HobenMs. Ruth Hoben McKibbensMiss Myrtle CoatsMr. Binford L. DearGIRARDMr. Robbie BinionMr. Edward L. McConnellMrs. Rilla O. GuynesMrs. Rilla G. DeFoorMrs. Melrie Fike ClementHOLLY RIDGEMr. … Continue reading Richland Parish Postmasters

Richland Parish History in Photos

Richland Parish History in Photos, a group on Flickr.Here is a cumulation of several old Richland Parish photos I've come across over the years.I've created it on flickr as a group, so that others can contribute their own collection.Enjoy!

Richland Parish History from a 1945 Tour Guide

Here are some great extracts on Richland Parish, which I came across in a 1945 Tour Guide called, "Louisiana: A Guide to the State."Published in 1947 as part of the Federal Writer’s Program, Louisiana: A Guide to the Stateis a travel guide from the past.

Ouachita Parish History Tidbits

Information on Ouachita parish history and genealogy resources.

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Stories, & photos of Richland Parish

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Stories, & photos of Richland Parish

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