Johnny Letlow: Bronze Turkeys New Interest, ca., 1960

From the 4-H files… back in 1960

The Delhi Dispatch • 10 Mar 1960, Thu • Page 22
Front Row Alvin Peterson, Bobby Gilbert, L.E Traxler, Nettie Jean McGowan, Sidney Eppinette, Jimmy Kennedy, Bentley Curry, Dan Bennett,
Second row-Junior Hayes, Billy Copeland, Bobby Adams, Howard Conley, Buddy Hardwick, Phillip Nolan
Third Row-Larry Seymour, Derryl Killeen, Butch Hinton, Wade Temple, Tommy Parker, Alvin Joe Walters, Johnny Ringo, Robert Williams, Charles Bishop, Tommy Fuller
Back Row-Eddie Edger, Jimmy Spencer, Jimmy Loftin, Hugh Robinson, James H.Henry, Billy Cheek, Johnny Letlow, Jerry Bartleson

Now here’s a guy I know pretty well. Don’t think I knew dad raised a cow and some turkeys when he was 15 though! – Luke

Bronze Turkeys New Interest

The Delhi Dispatch. Mar 10, 1960

“I became the proud possessor of a mixed Angus and Holstein bull calf on December 13, 1959.”

“The calf, three days old when I brought him home from Moore’s Dairy, has taken up a major portion of my spare time since then. I trained him to take his milk from a galvanized budget. Consuming a medicated powdered milk liquid, he grew steadily and has given me great pleasure as he wanders around over his separate pen. Now, I’m feeding him crushed all grain and cottonseed meal.”

“He seems to have a great love for me, but I rather suspect it’s a love of the feed trough which I fill.”

A second project is two turkeys, presented to me by a minister friend who loves raising fowls. Since October, I have been feeding them crushed corn.”

“The hen is beginning to lay, and my hopes are beginning to soar.”

“Maybe I’ll have the pleasure of hatching and raising poults from these brood breasted bronze turkeys.”

– Johnny Letlow (1960)

Johnny Letlow
The Delhi Dispatch
10 Mar 1960, Thu • Page 22

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  1. We were a sad looking bunch. I remember us being much cooler that the picture shows. 🙂

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