Photo: American Legion Members, ca., 1919

American Legion Members in Rayville, ca., 1919

American Legion Members, ca. 1919

The old photograph above was generously loaned to the Beacon by Mr. Leon Moreland. It is of the first members of the American Legion Post after it was organized in 1919. The picture was taken in front of what is now Albert’s Men Store on Benedette St. in Rayville.

The occasion for the gathering was a supper, and Mr. Moreland, front left, was one of the cooks. There are also some ladies and children in the picture. With the help of Mr. and Mrs. Lasley Downes, we have identified many of the persons in the old photograph.

The lady on the left is Mrs. John Summerlin deceased. Others identified on the front row besides Lynn Moreland are George Landrum, extreme right; Steve Cook, second on right; Lem Cumpton deceased fourth person on right and George Greer, seventh person on right. Also on front row, left side, are: Emmett Jones, fourth from left; Delmar Windham (deceased) fifth from left; and Dominic Fragala deceased seventh from left. The little girl in the center is Constance Purvis, wife of Dr. George Purvis; and the little boy on the center left is Desha Sims.

Among the others identified, standing on the back row, are: Vince d’Amico deceased ninth from the left; Nat Phillips deceased tenth from left; Mrs. Roy (Frances Calhoun) Walters, eleventh from left; and Mrs. John Ineichen deceased twelfth from left. Beginning on the right end of those standing are Bernard Waite, Sr. deceased and Jules Tlanton deceased. The First two men; Dave Burk deceased fourth from right; Charles Titche (deceased) Fifth from right; Mr. d’Amico deceased 6th; Joe Calhoun deceased 8th; J.W. Summerlin deceased 9th; R.S. Swetman deceased 11th; and George Wright deceased 12th. If any of our readers can identify others, please let us know.

The Richland Beacon-News
Rayville, Louisiana
07 Oct 1976, Thu  •  Page 4

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