The Clement Family, ca., 1900, in Alto

Photo of the Clement family, ca., 1900, near Alto, Louisiana.

The Clement family, of Alto, Louisiana; ca., 1900.
“The Clement Family”
Left to Right, Elton Clement (baby boy), Mary Hill Clement, Vernon Clement (young boy), Cornelia Spence Clement, Chester Spence (baby boy), Ed Spence, Johnnie Clement (young boy), Thomas Clement. Back row, Left to Right, Daisy Spence Clement, Julia Johnes Clement, Laura Bankston Clement, Arthur Spence (standing)

The Clement family was lead by Joseph S. Clement and Mary Hill Clement. Joseph and Mary lived in Newton County, Mississippi, while all of their ten children were born. In 1900, the patriarch, Joseph S. Clement, died there. Mary Hill Clement then moved to Northeast Louisiana, along with 8 of her ten children.

Children of Joseph S. Clement and Mary Hill Clement

*I am a great-grandson of Vernon Conrad Clement. – Luke Letlow

Mary Frances Hill Clement (1854-1931)

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