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Harry W. Addison Narrates History of Richland Parish, ca. 1991 – AUDIO

Podcast #4 – Southern Writer, Humorist, and Former Rayville Native Harry W. Addison Narrates The History of Richland Parish Towns and Places, ca., 1991

Recorded as part of a collection created for the first annual Pickin’ and Ginnin’ Festival, entitled “A Great Place to Call Home” (Originally compiled by Amelia Grace Jordan)

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Included in this oral history, which was recorded back in 1991, is a history of each community and the history of their names. Communities included are: Rayville, Little Creek, Holly Ridge, Mangham, Dunn, Alto, Girard, Archibald, Delhi, Deerfield, Start, Crew Lake, Dunn, Bayou Macon, Big Creek, Tensas River, Boeuf River, and Bayou Lafourche.

Names mentioned in this oral history include:

Harry Wayne Addison (September 8, 1920 – August 24, 2003) was a Southern author and humorist whose works painted vivid portraits of his experiences growing up as a poor boy in Depression-era rural Louisiana. While he never received much recognition on a national level, Addison enjoyed modest success, not only from his writings, but also his frequent public speaking appearances throughout Louisiana and much of the South. He was a favorite orator at college and high school graduations, as well as meetings of regional civic organizations. A veteran of World War II,

Addison received the Bronze Star for bravery in combat while serving on Iwo Jima. He moved to Rayville, La in 1945, where he resided until 1957. He was a longtime resident of Monroe, La. His works include Write That Down For Me Daddy (1974) ISBN0-88289-116-2, RFD #3 (1977) ISBN1-56554-114-6, and Mama Was a Con Man, Papa Was a Christian (1989) ISBN1-56554-547-8.

Addison was the author of this book, entitled RFD#3

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