Rayville Cub Scout Pack Meeting, ca 1958

Rayville Cub Scout Pack Meeting, ca 1958

The Richland Beacon-News, Rayville, Louisiana 08 Feb 1958, Sat  •  Page 2

During the past month the five dens had been studying the movies, with the groups completing several projects which gave insight into making of movies, use of the camera, principal of the lens, etc. The sixth den, the Webelos Den, under Mr. Bob Gates, had continued their study of the Boy Scout Tenderfoot requirements.

Skit for the evening was presented by Mrs. Carey Ellis’ Den 1. In a charming performance, the group gave a take-off of a Hollywood premiere, complete with outstanding celebrities including Elvis Presley, Matt Dillon and Chester, Liberace, and others. The premiere itself, accompanied by appropriate background music, was an old- fashioned melodrama, and featured the tender heroine, stalwart hero, trouble-beset father, and the villain who threatens to foreclose the mortgage. Assisting the den mother in preparing this presentation were Mrs. George Speight and Mrs. Hollis Venable.

Den 1 was awarded the attendance trophy, and closing ceremony was by Mrs. J. L. Howard’s Den 5. Cubmaster Carey Ellis, Jr., presented the following awards to Cubs who had earned them during the past month:

Cooper Cochran, 1 gold and 4 silver arrow-points on the Bear badge, and the Denner’s Badge; Hollis Venable, 1 gold and 1 silver arrow-points on the Bear badge and the Denner Badge; Kermit Walters, Mike Lewis and George Barthel, III, all received the Wolf badge; Charles Calloway and Therill Pierce, each the Bear badge with 1 gold arrow-point; Jeff Calloway, the Wolf badge with 1 gold and 1 silver arrow-points; Steve Tabor and Bobby Barnett, each the Lion badge;

Rex Kervin and Mike Cooper, each a silver arrow-point on Wolf badge; Rickey Ellington. 4 silver arrow-points on Wolf badge; Vernon Norman, Bear badge with 1 gold arrow-point and the 1 year pin; Buddy Howard, Bear badge with 1 year pin; Jimmy Letlow, the Bear badge; Walter Cochran, 1 silver arrow-point on Lion badge; Hoyt Sims and Scotty O’Neal, each the two year pin; Sidney Malone, the 1 year pin; Ronnie Morris, 1 gold and 5 silver arrow-points on Wolf badge; George Speight, Bobby Higginbotham and Larry Morris, each the Bobcat pin.

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