Rayville High School in 1914

This photograph shows all but one person attending Rayville High School during the 1913-14 school year. Included in the group are grades seven through 11. Teachers that year were Professor L.A. Smith, Floy McKay, S. Grant, Ava Watkins and Seawillow Barrow. Pupils were Elmo Chapman, Harry Glover, Frances Calhoun, Clyde Balfour, Marjorie Needham, Ryan Henderson, Leila Cook, Joe Rush Crisler, Nevill Buck, Rosalie Willie, Vivian Jones, Jack Traylor, Ina Downes, Lizzie Scott, Lucille Helm, Patsy Haygood, Audrey Cobb, Walter Jones, Alyne Alley, Zula Morgan, Nancy Wright, Annie Cumpton, Susie Alley, James Oliver, Marvin Stodghill, Gray Mann, Edward Able, Anna Justice, Gladys Hagood, Ruth Stodghill, Lorena Yeats, Robert Smith, Earl Needham and, not shown, Emmett Jones.

From the Richland Beacon, October 10, 2019

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