The Building of Courthouses in Richland Parish (and the Courthouse that Never Was)

Richland Parish has had a total of three courthouses since it’s founding in 1868. All three of these courthouses were located in the same location as the present courthouse. When the first courthouse was torn down, the lumber was floated down Little Creek, where it was used to construct a church. This first courthouse was used from 1871-1882.

The second courthouse, constructed in 1882, was a very traditional, yet beautiful building, and would be a treasure even by today’s standards, had it been able to stand the test of time. It was said however that it was crumbling all to pieces by the time it was torn down, in the late 1940’s.

The first effort to replace this courthouse came in 1937, but when the parish voted on a tax to construct the new building, it was soundly defeated at the polls. The proposed courthouse of 1937 was drafted by an architect, but this building never came to be. The rendering of that courthouse is seen below.

The “defeated” courthouse of 1937

The current courthouse was completed in 1951, making it almost 70 years old as of 2019.

Timeline of Parish Courthouses in Richland Parish

  • 1871-1882 (first Courthouse)
  • 1878-1879 dispute of parish seat between Girard and Rayville
  • 1882-1950 (second Courthouse) 68 years
  • 1951-2018 (current courthouse) 68 years

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