The Fafar Grant & Early Marriages in Present-Day Richland Parish

Originally written by Benny Hixon, as reported in The Richland Beacon-News, Rayville, Louisiana. Sat, Aug 13, 1960 · Page 8

According to the official survey of this area, completed in the 1830s, there was only one section which was privately owned. This was the 37th Section, Township 15 North Range 6 East, which was listed as property of the heirs of Baptist’ Fafar, having been a Spanish land grant. The very earliest history of this grant, located on the sharp bend in Boeuf River just above Red Mouth, is obscure as yet, but was probably made during the 1790s. It is quite possible that this 640 acre land grant was never settled by the original owners.

Original Survey Showing Fafar Grant (Click for a larger map)

In 1825 John D. Thomason bought the section from the widow of Baptist McCounts Fanfard (Fafar) for $300. The following year Thomason sold it to Frederick Barfield for $800. Barfield. in turn, sold it to his son. Levi Barfield. in 1831. Shortly before the Civil War, Aquilla Dyson acquired the property, calling his place “Nolliana.” Later owners included Charles M. Noble, among others. Today the section is divided among several owners, that part along the highway being known as “Gilleyville.” For many years there was a little store and saloon on the bank of the river which became a notorious drinking and gambling place.

Tradition has it that Jesse James was one of the patrons. This store and the community around it was known as “Trickem” or “Trickum.” Partial list of early marriages recorded in the Ouachita Parish courthouse.

  • 1822 Elisha Thomason and Hixsey Casey.
  • 1827 William Thomason and Louisa Eliza Thompson.
  • 1827 John H. Hewitt and Petsey Ann Thompson.
  • 1828 Prior L. Gwin and Polly Thompson. 1830 Gabriel Spruell and Rhody Gwin.
  • 1831 Levi Barfield and Margaret . (Peggy) Canady.
  • 1831 Richard C. Fowke and Eleanor Adams.
  • 1835 Cary B. Hewitt and Louisa Thompson, the widow of William Thomason.
  • 1835 Craton Lynn and Nancy Nelson. (In 1839, Nancy Nelson, then a widow, married Fayette C. C. Boies.)
  • 1836 Addison C. Hewitt and Elvira Thompson.
  • 1836 William Gwin and Eleanor Hewitt.
  • 1841 Pascal Austin and Elvira Hewitt.
Original survey
Original survey
Bird’s eye view of Fafar Grant in present day Richland Parish

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