Home of Henry Taylor, ca 1920’s

This is a photograph of the home place of George Henry Taylor, and was probably taken in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s. It’s location was approximately in the northeast corner of the cloverleaf interstate exchange on I-20 in Start, Louisiana. Henry Taylor was my great-grandfather, and this is the home my grandfather, Richard Taylor (b.1927) lived in for a short time. They built a new home a few years later.

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    • I believe that’s right. Or slightly to the right if you’re facing the bank. There’s a pretty big oak tree on the state property inside the cloverleaf. Always imagined it as being close to that.

  1. I used to love seeing the old homes dotting the countryside thought our parish and the surrounding parishes. I would imaging what life must have been like back then. How no modern conveniences were available, but how can you miss something that hasn’t been discovered yet. Around our area most old home places have been pushed up and burned. This picture represents slower more simple times. No distractions to take you from your family. Times weren’t easy but it had to be better in a lot of ways compared to today.

    • You are right. Communities had to work together. Pretty amazing to look at the school houses and churches these families communally would construct. Not sure how we got so far away from that ideal. My grandfather was born at this home in February of 1927. Two months later, the great flood of ‘27 occurred. It took months for the water to recede and for the land to dry out. Grandfather said that his father produced a record crop, even though it was planted much later in the season than was the norm.

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