Pfc. Wilbur Christian, WWI casualty on March 24, 1918. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Chester Carter buried in Arlington Cemetery Sat, May 13, 1922 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana)

On last Thursday the remains of Private Wilbur W. Christian were buried in Arlington Cemetery with military honors. This young Richland Parish patriot was killed in action in the Beaumont sector in France, being wounded on March 22nd, 1918, by German shell, and died in hospital on March 24th. 1918. His remains found temporary burial in the Sebastopol Barracks cemetery in France, and were returned to his native soil the other day to find final renting place in the great military cemetery which overlooks the Potomac across the river from Washing ton, D.C.

Private Christian, as was his brother who survives him and now lives in Rayville, Thomas H. Christian, was one of the first young men to volunteer from Richland parish following the declaration of war. Wilbur was Killed in battle as stated above, and Tom served throughout the war, being in five of the hardest fought battles of the World War.

The brave young hero who awaits the final summons sleeping with other soldiers in Arlington Cemetery is the son of Mr. J.M. Christian, who lives in the Fourth Ward, between Rayville and Alto.

Chester Carter buried in Arlington Cemetery

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