The “Morehouse Parish” Section of Richland, ca. 1857-1868

From Richard Nance Hixon’s thesis, The Antebellum History of Richland Parish. Northeast Louisiana University, 1990 – Richland Parish (La.) – 384 pages

This map shows the now extinct community of “Ion” which was located on Boeuf River as a steamboat stop. Also shown is the Elijah Scott place. Present day residents may recognize this as being near the Scott-Wright Ford cemetery. The Scott-Wright Ford was a river crossing over the Boeuf River. The wards listed were the Wards for this region when it was a part of Morehouse Parish, ie. between 1857 and 1868. Prior to 1857, much of this area was in the now extinct parish of Carroll. Originally it was part of a much larger Ouachita Parish.

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