The “Franklin Parish” Section of Richland Parish, ca 1857-1868

From Richard Nance Hixon’s thesis, The Antebellum History of Richland Parish.Northeast Louisiana University, 1990 – Richland Parish (La.) – 384 pages

The following map shows the “Franklin Parish” section of Richland Parish between 1857-1868. They were known as Wards 6, 7, & 9, in Franklin Parish. The Boeuf River served as the boundary to the West, and Big Creek was its boundary on the East.

Communities listed during this era include Yellow Bluff, Red Mouth, Dave’s Bayou, and Muddy Bayou. Also included is the community of Woolen Lake, which is still a known place in present times.

“Franklin Parish” section of Richland Parish between 1857-1868.

See also below, a map from 1860 of Franklin Parish, which incorporates the “Franklin Parish” part of Richland Parish.

Map of Franklin Parish, including the part that would become Richland in 1868

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