Fireman Killed on Dummy Rail Line at Dehlco. 1926

Allen C. Girod, aged 23 years, white fireman on the “Dummy” line of the Delta Hardwood Lumber company, inc., fell beneath the cars or the log tram doing some switching in the yards of the company on last Wednesday at 2 p. m. Girod, who is employed as fireman on the log train, went out to throw a switch and in running back to re-enter the engine cab, fell beneath the wheels of the engine. Both legs Were run over, the right leg was virtually severed and the left leg terribly mangled. The unfortunate man died from shock and loss of blood while on the way to a Monroe sanitarium. The body vas taken on in to Monroe and prepared for burial after being returned to Dehlco for burial, where the funeral was held on Thursday. Young Girod was recently married and leaves besides his bride other relatives at Dehlco.

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