The History of Mangham High School

Excerpted from Mangham High history Thu, May 22, 1975 – 20 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) ·

Mangham High School had its beginning in a one-story frame building around the turn of the century.

In 1916, a two-story frame building was constructed at the present location of Lobrano Field.
A bond election for $12,000 was passed around 1918 making possible the construction of a two-story brick building.
In 1929, a two-story brick building (formerly Mangham High School) was constructed.
In 1952, the buildings were renovated, and the teacherage was made into a home for the principal and his family. Since its early years, Mangham High School has held annual commencement exercises.
The first commencement was held in 1920 with nine graduates. This group of seniors received certificates instead of diplomas since the high school was not state approved until 1921. There have been fifty-six graduating exercises since 1920.
During the sixty-odd years of existence, Mangham High has been served by ten different principals. Mrs. Richard Hatch was the first principal and served during the 1914-15 school term. T.A. Judd, who retired in 1955, served as principal for a total of thirty-two years. Elwyn C. Lyles is presently serving as principal and has held this position since 1965. From a one-story frame building near the turn of the century, Mangham High School has grown to its present size. The size of classes and staff has also grown.
With an ever-changing world about us, the future will demand many changes: new courses, new facilities, and new outlooks. These changes will be met with an optimistic attitude, a quality characterized by our school. All who are associated with Mangham High School can look back to its past with pride and satisfaction and to its future with hope and determination. Mangham High historyMangham High history Thu, May 22, 1975 – 20 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) ·

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