PFC. Lee Myatt Writes Home, Describes Conflict In Germany. WWII 1945

Somewhere in Germany March 10th, 1945.

Dear Mr. Mangham: As I have a few spare moments this evening I wish to say a few words in behalf of the old home town paper that I have just received. It surely is like getting a letter from home, and I’m looking forward to the next one. We are doing a swell job over here, but it’s not like being at home. This is my fifth battle since coming overseas. I was first in Germany, then we went down into Belgium on the German offensive there and we did a swell job there, too, for the 84th division held the city of Marchin without anyone on either flank of us. rm very proud to be a part of the Railsplitters.

It was there the Germans called us the “hatchet men,” and they still fear the “hatchet men.” Now I’m back in Germany with the Ninth Army, was in the rat race across the Roer River, and will be in action until this war is over. Hoping to hear from you all soon.

Tell everybody I’m all o. k. and be good until I come home. I will be looking for another paper in a few days. Your friend, PFC. LEE MYATT

P. S. I wish to say hello to my wife and baby.

Letter home from PFC. Lee Myatt, in GermanyLetter home from PFC. Lee Myatt, in Germany Sat, Mar 31, 1945 – 6 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) · Newspapers.com

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