Major Tim Shea, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Shea, of Rayville, Flies 60+ Bombing Missions. Receives Purple Heart. WWII 1943

Major Tim Shea Highly Honored / Flier receives decorations.Major Tim Shea Highly Honored / Flier receives decorations. Sat, Oct 23, 1943 – 1 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) · Newspapers.com

Major Tim Shea Highly Honored Rayville Flier Receives Several Decorations Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Shea, of Rayville. are quite proud of the record of their son. Major Timothy A. Shea, who was quite distinguished in the battles of North Africa and Sicily. Their son was group commander and veteran of 67 bombing missions. It was the task of Major Shea’s group to blast the enemy in front of the British Eighth army. It bombed ammunition dumps, gasoline storage pits, railroad stations and other military objectives. This group came out of it all he said, with fewer losses than any other group for the same number of raids. Providing air support for a ground army in light bombers is a lot of fun, but it isn’t exactly safe. Major Shea was awarded the purple heart for injuries received over Tunisia when he was struck by flying pieces of his windshield broken by enemy bullets and was wounded in the back of the neck by anti-aircraft fire. He brought his plane and crew back safely. He was decorated with the distinguished flying cross and a group of campaign ribbons and campaign stars. When his present leave expires, he expects to be assigned to a training station to organize a new squadron to take overseas. Major Shea was a salesman for a printing company in Little Rock, Ark when in civilian life. He enlisted in the 154th observation squadron in 1938 and was selected for flight training. After receiving his wings and commission at Randolph field in May, 1941, he returned to the squadron and was called to active duty with it in 1942.

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