Letter sent home from James Cloice Letlow, of Start, from the Aleutian Islands. WWII ca., 1944

INTERESTING LETTER FROM SOLDIER IN ALEUTIANS Somewhere in Aleutian Islands, June 4, 1944.

Dear Mr. Mangham: Here comes a letter from the Aleutian Islands. You seem to receive letters from everywhere except from up here. I guess the sons of Richland Parish are scattered all over the world. It will be a happy day when we can all be back. We will be back, because if the other fellows are like me they haven’t found a place like the one we left. You can’t beat it. Paul Quate is also up here but 1 haven’t seen him. I know Paul is remembered by lots of friends there in Rayville. We have always been great friends, both spending our boyhood around Clear Lake. By the way, how are the fish biting down there? Td give the world to enjoy a good day on that lake. I have been here in the. Aleutians a little over six months, and was stationed near Anchorage, Alaska, for sometime before coming here.

This part of the country is quite different from back there at home. It’s colder here now than the coldest days back there. I have seen quite a bit of ice and snow and It wasn’t but a few days ago that I aw the last. I guess you all know of the long days we have up here. In the summer and of the short ones in winter. We have only a few hours of darkness now and In the winter only a few hours of daylight. In fact, it’s 11 p.m. now and it’s still light enough outside to see.

Just think of the farming a fellow could do back there with daylight in the morning at 3:30 and darkness at 11 p. m. Mr. Mangham, this is the main reason I wrote. Of course I wanted to say “hello to all my friends back there, especially around good old Start but the main reason is that you are addressing my papers wrong. You only put part of my address on them, therefore I don’t receive one-third of the copies. Please correct my address as I have it below. I will say so long for now and I thank you for your efforts in sending the paper to us boys. They mean a lot to us.

Yours truly, JAMES C. LETLOW

Letter home from J.C. Letlow from Aleutians in AlaskaLetter home from J.C. Letlow from Aleutians in Alaska Sat, Jun 17, 1944 – 6 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) · Newspapers.com

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