James Charles Bennett of Start sends letter home. Was released from German Prison Camp / Liberated by French Army WWII 1945

Released From German Prison Camp

The following letter from James Bennett has been received by his father, Mr. Yearger Bennett, of Start. The letter, which is self-explanatory, is reproduced below: April 24, 1945. Dearest Dad, I reckon you have been worried to death about me. Well, I’m o. k. I have been captured by the Germans but I’m back in American’ hands now. I’m still in Germany waiting for transportation. We were liberated by the French Army April 21st. Boy, was that a happy day! Everybody nearly went crazy they were so happy. Hope this finds everyone getting along just fine. I think maybe I’ll be home soon.

I have quite a few souvenirs collected, if I can make it home with them. Well, tell everybody hello and that I’m alright and not wounded. Well, I’ll close for this time. You can’t write me because I haven’t got a return address.

I can’t tell you everything I’d like to because there’s so much there’s not enough paper to write it on. I’m going to be a different boy when I get home again. I’ve had too much rambling around. Don’t worry, I’ll be o. k. and hope to see you soon. Love always, your son, JAMES BENNETT

James Bennett released from German prison camp. From Start, son of Yearger BennettJames Bennett released from German prison camp. From Start, son of Yearger Bennett Sat, May 12, 1945 – 1 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) · Newspapers.com

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