Former Richland Clerk Haire Never challenged in 30+ years of elections

In Richland Parish, one remarkable candidate was elected to a parish-wide -office for a four year term in 1979.

Former Clerk of Court Ramona Haire is a charming southern lady, who built a political powerhouse all while wearing the biggest smile of anybody in Richland. First elected in 1979, her only opponent dropped out. For the next SEVEN 4-year-term elections, she never again even drew one token opponent. Because her first opponent conceded, and she faced no opposition for more than 30 years, she might just hold the record in Louisiana for serving the most number of years in one office without ever having her name on the ballot for voters to pull.

These elections ranged from 1979-until her retirement in 2011. She may be one of my all time favorite local politicians too. She’s funny, smart, caring, and makes me smile every time I see her. She continues to serve her community also on the Tensas Levee Board. The elections she won include: (07, 03, 99, 95, 91, 87, 83, 79.)

The Richland Beacon-News, 03 Oct 1979, Wed, Page 1

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