Acele F. Stephens, Mrs. George Wesley Smith of Rayville was the First Elected Female Alderman in Louisiana

Her name was Acele F. Stephens/Smith. She was the wife of a prominent attorney in Rayville who had previously served the town as Mayor. On several of her campaign cards and letters in the paper, her candidate name was actually listed as Mrs. George Wesley Smith. She was an educated woman who had moved to Louisiana from Ohio after meeting her husband. She ran successfully for re-election as well. She won her first election in 1922, only TWO years after women’s suffrage had passed and women gained the right to vote.

Colorful Political Career of Mrs. George Wesley Smith remembered.Colorful Political Career of Mrs. George Wesley Smith remembered. Sat, Jan 8, 1944 – 1 · The Richland Beacon-News (Rayville, Louisiana, United States of America) · Newspapers.com

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