Ag, Farming, and Timber History

The Liddell Families in Richland

General St. John Liddell had a large plantation in Catahoula Parish, named “Llanada.” His father gave him the money to buy it, and also provided “suggestions” from time to time. Liddell had fits trying to find an overseer of the plantation. Finally his father, suggested his first cousin, J.A. Liddell. That didn’t work out, but General Liddell did send this cousin up to Richland Parish to manage the 2000+ acres of timber that had been seized by the Freedmen’s Bureau, post Civil War. J.A. Liddell went on to become the first Sheriff of Richland Parish. John Andrew Liddell. The Liddell’s were all first cousins with another well-off plantation family from south Louisiana, named the Randolphs. They built a stately plantation home, one of Louisiana’s finest, still standing today. It is named Nottoway Plantation. #TROTS#TheRestOfTheStory

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