Start Baptist Church, ca 1940’s

On Sept. 28, 1916, Baptists purchased land from the Charleston Land and Timber company for the purpose of building their own church.  The lot today is located at the intersection of Magnolia Drive and Dixie Overland rd. –South of the railroad.

The Charleston Land and Timber Company donated the property south of the railroad at the corner of Hwy. 133 to Charleston Missionary Baptist Church of Charleston, State of Louisiana.

The deed is signed by Mr. J.M. Morgan and Dr. H.C. Chambers, representing the trustees of the church with witnesses being George Wesley Smith and J.F. Loveless. J.C. Solomon, Notary Public.

Both Baptist and Methodist members worked on the building.  George and Will Alsbrooks donated the cypress hand split shingles for the roofing. The trees were cut on land that they owned, split by hand and hauled by mule from Wynn Island. The Nelson Company was the contractor. They set up a tent and lived there during the construction of the church. This church was finished in 1918. Listed value was around $2200. Wooden church.jpgIt would serve the congregation for 34 years.

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