Aug 22, 1925 – Dixie-Overland Bridge Is Scene of Successful Road Hold-Up

From the Monroe News-Star, August 22, 1925; page 1


Man and Woman Escape; All-Night Search Is Without Result.

In one of the most daring holdups of the past few months, Brant Seaman, lumberman, was robbed of approximately $40, on the La Fourche swamp on the Dixie Overland Highway between 11 p.m. and midnight last night.

Seaman at the time was returning from Natchez in his Overland coupe. When at a point on the bridge crossing the swamp at the west end, he observed a Chrysler runabout halted on the structure. A man and a woman stood at the side of the car and called out to Seaman, who was forced to stop, due to the narrow passage way. The couple stated that they had no gas and asked to buy of Seaman. The latter good-naturedly supplied them with a quantity.

Meantime, the woman had clambered back into the car. When the transfer of the gas had been effected, the man asked to pay Seaman the price but the latter declared he would accept no pay.

Just an instant later, the stranger whisked a gun, evidently a Colt and with a smile on his lips, declared:

“Well, you’ll have to let me have what cash you’ve got.”

“Is that all you’ve got?” insisted the man.


Seaman felt in another pocket and produced 59 cents.

“No, I won’t drain you,” stated the wielder of the gun. “You can keep the change.”

Then came an order to Seaman to drive for home and to not look back.

Seaman stopped for no further invitation but made his way to Monroe bound with all speed. He stated that once he did glance back, seeing the tail lights of the car disappear in the distance.

Once arrived in Monroe, Mr. Seaman called at the city hall and reported the robbery to the police. In turn Sheriff Milton Coverdale and several deputies were quickly on the job shortly after 1 a.m. Mr. Seaman, the sheriff, and the deputies all went to Rayville, Delhi, and on to Delta Point, but found no trace of the man or woman.

Every possible clue was run down but without avail, thus far. The party returned to Monroe at 8:30 this morning.

Mr. Seaman says that the man was of medium height, about 30 years of age, had a Charlie Chaplin mustache, and wore a becoming suit of light clothes. A polka dot tie and a diamond pin in his tie, were outstanding features.

The woman, Mr. Seaman was unable to describe at all.

Only several nights previous, Mr. Seaman together with J.E. Henderson, on a night drive to Monroe from Tallulah, were pursued by three men in an auto for many miles. Mr. Seaman believes that this time it was with an intent to rob. He however, was able to avoid the men, who after a fifteen mile chase, left the pursuit at Millhaven.

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