19th Century

Remembering Richland’s Soldiers Lost on Memorial Day

The following is a list of known soldiers lost during times of war, from Richland Parish. If you know of additional soldiers that should be added to this list, please email info@richlandroots.com

WWI Baughtom, Tony – Rayville
WWI Brice, John L. – Rayville
WWI Carter, Chester – Rayville
WWI Christian, Wilbur – Rayville
WWI Cook, Tommy – Rayville
WWI Etheridge, John A. – Crew Lake
WWI Hathaway, Lindly – Clear Lake
WWI Hazel, Winson M. – Dunn
WWI Hill, Matt – Archibald
WWI House, Walter – Archibald
WWI McPherson, Gladys – Deihi
WWI Moore, Zeke M. – Girard
WWI Sanders, Ode – Archiblad
WWI Woods, Robert A. – Delhi
WWII Adcock, Jack Clinton
WWII Aubin, Harry D.
WWII Ayers, L. D.
WWII Bacle, Peter
WWII Ball, John A. Jr.
WWII Bates, J. C.
WWII Boies, James Reese
WWII Bostick, Fletcher E.
WWII Buchanan, Joseph L.
WWII Burgess, Phillip
WWII Burleigh, Hubert W. Jr.
WWII Burley, Freddie J.
WWII Clack, Edward E.
WWII Clark, Jesse J.
WWII Collins, John O.A.
WWII Davis, Lawrence Louis
WWII Dear, Stanley H
WWII Denny, Ervin Nathaniel
WWII Dopson, John G.
WWII Drummond, Thomas J.
WWII Duncan, Arthur L.
WWII Ellington, Noble E.
WWII Evans, Troy D.
WWII Gammill, Charles H.
WWII Gibson, Alvin
WWII Haas, Arthur G.
WWII Hardy, Carl E.
WWII Hixon, Samuel C.
WWII Hogan, David Allen
WWII Holland, Robert D.
WWII Hollis, Paul J.
WWII Howard, Louis H.
WWII Hutson, Henry C. Jr.
WWII Hymel, Robert J.
WWII Johnson, Albert Z.
WWII Johnson, Robert H.
WWII Leary, Otto P.
WWII Longkabel, Gordon
WWII Meeks, Pat
WWII Middleton, Leon G.
WWII Miller, Cordell W.
WWII Moore, Johnnie
WWII Morris, Louie A.
WWII Nixon, Samuel C.
WWII Otto, Earl M.
WWII Perkins, Thomas Edward
WWII Porter, William R.
WWII Price, Claude E.
WWII Pritchett, Gervis R.
WWII Robbins, Herbert A. Jr.
WWII Robinson, Eugene T.
WWII Roy, Leon
WWII Sanford, Wayne A.
WWII Smith, Evin Arliegh
WWII Smith, John L.
WWII Staten, J. C.
WWII Stephens, La Verne
WWII Stinson, Sam
WWII Stodghill, William E.
WWII Upshaw, Wesley C.
WWII Walker, Nolan O.
WWII Whitten, Roma T.
WWII Wiggington, Fred O.
WWII Williams, Buie W.
WWII Windham, Artis
Korean War Ernest J Wisenor
Korean War Frank Staten
Korean War Glynn R Biggs
Korean War Herman L Driskell
Korean War James C McComic
Korean War James E Kimball
Korean War John A Livingston
Korean War John Lee Bruster
Korean War Monroe Cater Jr
Korean War Ted Columbus Burgess
Vietnam War Charles Richard Morgan
Vietnam War Chester Staten
Vietnam War Stanley Wade Taylor

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