The Crew Lake Horror

This is a great story written by a local historian, Lora Peppers, about a convict camp that was once located in Crew Lake. It ran in Louisiana Road Trips and was titled the Crew Lake Horror. Thanks Lora!

Be sure to check her column out! Here’s an excerpt. 

Back in November, a friend named Marlon Eby posted on my Facebook page an article from an 1885 Louisiana Democrat newspaper out of Alexandria. What I discovered, if half true, would make Cool Hand Luke look like a vacation documentary!

Lora  Peppers
Lora Peppers, a Monroe native, grew up in Bastrop and graduated from ULM. Her love of history dates back to childhood when one of her favorite activities was visiting local cemeteries to examine headstones. She also loves to travel, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park being her favorite place on Earth. Her job as a genealogist and historian has given her the opportunity to lead many lectures and author several books. She can be reached by e-mail at

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