Third Ward School House (Start)

Third Ward School was located in present day Start, and dually served as a church building.

In 1901 there were schools in Girard, Wynn Island, and Hollywood (Robinson Rd.).  J.M. Morgan and some others petitioned the Richland School Board to build a new central school in Ward Three.  Some parish residents thought it was a dumb idea to build a school where he proposed. He convinced enough people and the first session was held in 1903. It was called Third Ward Central School.

An interesting letter appeared in the Richland Beacon News on Nov. 7th, 1904.  In the letter signed by someone named “Uncle Tom” (possibly Tom Alsbrooks) of Crew Lake, where several comments are made. He states that he recently visited the school and was presently surprised at the quality of the school.  He comments on the wonderful job that “Prof. W.A. Fussell, assisted in the literary department by Mrs. Nannie Harris, and with Miss Staples in charge of music “were doing. He added how well the school was furnished with comfortable desks, charts, and maps. “The school is a large well furnished structure, –located on a high dry ridge with a beautiful grove of oak and hickory surrounding it. He said, “It had looked like a waste of time to locate a high school in a swamp that had no roads leading to it.”

In late 1904 or early 1905 local citizens asked for permission to use the building for church services.   This borrowed building would serve as the original home for Baptists and Methodists in our community.

Old Church

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