Richland Parish Native Stanley Wade Taylor Loses Life Vietnam

Richland Parish Native Stanley Wade Taylor Loses Life Vietnam

Army to honor Mangham hero with building,” found in the Richland Beacon News on Thursday Oct. 2, 2003

“Wade,” as he was known to family and friends, was honored for his heroism, by having building 980 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri named Corporal Stanley Wade Taylor Hall.

He was assigned to the 43rd Engineer Company, 169th Engineer Battalion, on Sept. 18, 1971.

“On 26 Oct. 1971, a vehicle convoy of the 43rd Engineer Company (Dump Truck) was ambushed near Long Khanh, Republic of Vietnam. The enemy assaulted the convoy with small arms, automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.  Corporal Taylor, while serving as a vehicle operator, positioned his disabled vehicle between the convoy and enemy and returned fire.  His selfless initiative, zeal, sound judgment and devotion to duty reduced further casualties and equipment damage.  Corporal Taylor’s extraordinary heroism, gallantry and intrepidity reflect the highest credit on himself and are in keeping with the Honored traditions of the military service.”

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