Community of Midway

Midway is the name of a pleasant little villa in the northeastern part of our Parish, that does not wish to be slighted by immigrants in search of good homes. As we desire to see all the good neighborhoods around us flourish alike, we take pleasure in laying before our readers the following extract from a communication which we find in the Chronicle, written by a citizen of the above place.

The writer says: While upon this subject, I would suggest to those who have lands and not wishing to sell, that if they would put cabins on every eighty or hundred acres of their woodlands they could soon procure tenants, and in a few years every neighborhood could boast of its school and church, thereby yielding a most powerful and beneficial influence on the morals and habits of our people, and placing within the reach of every one at least a common education, a thing sadly felt and needed throughout our entire section of country, and would be sought for by all looking for homes.

I would call the attention of immigrants, or persons seeking homes, to our immediate section.  Midway is located in the midst of a community that will compare with any in Richland in point of morals piety and intelligence, and especially in the beauty and intelligence of the ladies.  We have a Union Church, supplied with able ministers, a fine Sabbath School, one store and a literary school in successful operation, that will compare with any in surrounding parishes. Everything and everywhere indicate the prosperity of the community.

“Midway.” Richland Beacon [Rayville, LA] 8 Mar. 1873: 2. Print.

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