Crew Lake (Community)

How The Community of Start, Got Its Name

How The Community of Start, Got Its Name

In 1898, Mr. J.M. Morgan built the first house in Start (it was built on the north side of the railroad track just east of the Hwy 133 crossing).   Prior to building this home, Morgan lived about two miles south of Start, but decided to build by the railroad due to its proximity to the rail line.  He also added a storefront to his home. The building survived until the 1960’s.

James M. Morgan

In 1901 there were schools in Girard, Wynn Island, and Hollywood (Robinson Rd.).  J.M. Morgan and some others petitioned the Richland School Board to build a new central school in ward three.  People thought it was a dumb idea to build a school where he proposed…  He convinced enough people and the first session was held in 1903.   It was called Third Ward Central School.

Because of the railroad, Morgan’s store, the school, and the two churches, the place called that we call Start would grow and both Crew Lake and Girard would eventually lose some of their significance.

The Baptist preachers would usually ride the train to Crew Lake and would stay at Mr. Morgan’s home.

J.M. Morgan, his Daughter Rachel, and the Naming of the Town of Start, LA

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the community now known as Start didn’t have a name at all.  People would have considered themselves as being from Crew Lake.  Then, in 1908, Charles Titsch marked out a town plat and called it Charleston. The church still used the name of Crew Lake.  In 1918, the people of Crew Lake wanted the post office moved back to their area so the post office allowed them to do that.

The Crew Lake Post Office at Mr. Morgan’s store could no longer use that name.  They had to have a new name. It is reported that Morgantown was submitted and rejected. Charleston was a logical choice since that was the village name.  Rachel Morgan, J M Morgan’s daughter, was the new post master, so Charleston was submitted.  This name was rejected because there were at least 16 other towns with that name.

The story goes that Rachel said, “Let’s call it Start because we are making a new start.”  People from Start today like that name and cannot imagine any other.

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