Charlieville – Residents Organize to Show Outrage over Treatment of Jewish People in Delhi

December 14, 1889
Richland Beacon News

Charlieville was a settlement on the banks of Beouf River west of present day Mangham, LA. It was one of the landings for the steamboats of that time.
Here is an interesting article that lists several of the families who lived at Charlieville. They organized to show their displeasure at recent events that had occurred in Delhi, concerning Jewish families.  This is from the December 14, 1889 Richland Beacon News.

“The Delhi Outrage, Charlieville, LA, Dec. 9, 1889. 

At a mass meeting of citizens of the Seventh ward, held at this place, W. Geo. Meyers was called to the chair, and Dr. Y.M. Milam, secretary. The chair stated the object of the meeting as follows: That we express ourselves in condemning the late acts perpetrated against citizens of Jewish descent residing and doing business in Delhi.

On motion, the chair appointed a committee of three to draft resolutions: J.F. Barns, J.T. Stokes and Dr. Y.M. Milam, who submitted resolutions as follows:

Resolved, That we regret to see the animosity shown to the Jewish fellow-citizens residing in Delhi, this Parish. We declare ourselves utterly opposed to all such acts of violence, and denounce the same as being against the laws and peace of Louisiana. 

Resolved, That we regard such acts detrimental to our endeavors in obtaining immigration to our parish. 

Resolved, That we regard the Jewish citizens of our parish as being a quiet and law-abiding people, and we will do all in our power to protect them in their rights under the law in person and property. 

Resolved, That we herein call upon our District Attorney, whose duty we consider it to be, to thoroughly investigate the late riotous and would-be murderous acts of parties in Delhi against the Jews doing business there, and protect them and their property as well as any other people. 

On motion, above resolutions were adopted, and a copy of these proceedings be forwarded to the Richland News and Beacon by the secretary with request to publish. 

W. Geo. Meyers, Chairman. Dr. Y.M. Milam, Secretary.

T.D. McLeroy, J.T. Stokes, J.F. Burns, P. Bayerjean, Jr., Frank Hatch, R.W. Hatch, L.D. Epinett, F.M. Riberts, Joe Ray, P. Bayerjean, Sr., Frank Piet, William Fletcher, J. Bayerjan, Jr., J. Bayerjean, Sr., L.C. McIntosh, L. Bayerjean, C.M. Noble, and E.N. Faulk.” (Barns, Stokes and Milam)

Works Cited
Barns, J F, J T Stokes and Y M Milam. “Outrage in Delhi.” Richland News and Beacon. Vol. 21. 50. Comp. Library of Congress. Rayville: Wiley P. Mangham, 14 December 1889. 2.

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