Attempt to Assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame Near Delhi – May 12, 1887

I came across this newsclip recently, and thought it was interesting. There are two separate articles in this 1887 Ouachita Telegraph, from May 21st. Here is the first one.

The first article of interest reads;

Attempt to Assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame, near Delhi. May 12, 1887. Last night, about 9 o’clock, someone attempted to assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame, a planter who lives about seven miles south of here, in Franklin Parish.  Mr. Brame, as usual, went out to his stables to see that his mules and horses had been properly cared for before returning for the night, and on his return to the house, when about half way between the stable and the house, someone fired at him, the ball striking him on the forehead, cutting a long gash.  Dr. McMullen was sent for and remained with Mr. Brame all night, and reports this morning that the wound is severe, but does not think it dangerous, as the ball did not enter the skull, but was a glance shot.  No reason can be assigned for this act, and so far the perpetrators has not been discovered.

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