Richland Police Jury, 1885

Richland Jurors in 1885

These Rayville citizens are shown in front of a public building around 1885. Back Row, from left are Mr. Choat [NOTE: William Franklin Choat], Ward Munholland, Willie Mann, Will Traylor, John Summerlin, Doctor McIntosh, John Hemler and R. R. Justice.

On the front row are from left, Joe Casperia, John Tillman, Charley Noble, Mr. Cuthbert (standing), and Green Compton. Identification was written on the back of the photograph by Justice’s daughter, the late Laura Justice Kelley. This photograph along with several others, is in the possession of Mrs. Kelley’s daughter-in-law, Mary Kelley of Monroe. The public building appears to be fenced in order to keep livestock out and the men are sitting on the cattleguard. Note the two-doored outside restroom facilities to the right of the building.

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