How the Town of Archibald Got Its Name

How the Town of Archibald Got Its Name

Thomas Theodore Archibald migrated to Richland Parish Louisiana from Alabama prior to the Civil War. In about 1871 he was joined here by two brothers, Josiah Burton Archibald and James Barnett Archibald they settled in the somewhat southern portion of the parish.

These three farmed the fertile lands of Richland Parish and raised their families in that area. Josiah Burton had a son Jasper who was living in the area after Josiah’s death in 1890. In 1892 the railroad was put through the parish and chose Jasper’s yard was the site chosen for building a depot for the little town. The railroad officials wanted to name the site for Jasper but he asked them to use the family name rather than his given name and to name the town Archibald.So this is how the town of Archibald got its name.

For over 100 years the Archibald family has remained in the area being influential citizens and proprietors.

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